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Epaulettes, also spelled as epaulets, are ornamental shoulder decorations typically found on military uniforms, though they are also sometimes used in civilian attire for decorative purposes. They serve several functions and hold various significances:

Rank and Status: In military contexts, epaulettes often signify the rank and status of the wearer. Different designs, colors, and arrangements of epaulettes can indicate the wearer's rank within the military hierarchy. For example, higher-ranking officers might have epaulettes with more elaborate designs or additional embellishments compared to lower-ranking personnel.

Historical Tradition: Epaulettes have a long history, dating back to the 17th century when they were originally used as a way to display the rank of officers on the battlefield. Over time, they evolved into more ornamental features of military dress uniforms while still retaining their symbolic significance.

Identification and Recognition: Epaulettes help in quickly identifying the rank and branch of service of military personnel, which is particularly important in situations where quick recognition is necessary, such as during parades, ceremonies, or in combat.

Aesthetic Appeal: Beyond their practical purposes, epaulettes also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of military uniforms. They add a sense of regality and formality to the attire, enhancing the overall appearance of the wearer.

Symbolism: Epaulettes can symbolize authority, leadership, and professionalism. They are associated with military discipline and tradition, conveying a sense of pride and honor in serving one's country.

Ceremonial Functions: Epaulettes often play a prominent role in military ceremonies and formal events. They may be embellished with additional elements such as insignia, badges, or other decorations to mark special occasions or achievements.

Functional Origins: Originally, epaulettes served a functional purpose by providing padding to the shoulders of military uniforms, which helped to support the weight of heavy weaponry or equipment. While their practical utility has diminished with modern advancements in uniform design, they still retain their symbolic and decorative roles.

Overall, epaulettes are significant elements of military uniforms, serving both practical and symbolic purposes while also embodying tradition, hierarchy, and professionalism within military organizations.

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Fabric of epaulette is made of high mixed cotton and stays good for few washes and looks beautiful on your shoulder with premium fabric white shirt.

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This 1 strip with Diamond epaulette is for Second Officer and the second engineer is usually in charge of preparing the engine room for arrival, departure, or standby and oversees major overhauls on critical equipment.

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Size: Free Size; Color:-Black with Golden Stripe; Weight: 0.06kg (approx)








4th Engineer

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Uniforms display rank and are a source of pride for their wearers.Many members of the Merchant Navy were never required to wear a uniform.Uniforms came into popular culture of Merchant navy when large shipping companies which carried passengers started using systems of stripes and badges.These helped to identify crew from passengers, officers from seamen or ratings,as well as encouraging discipline, this was the birth of Merchant Navy uniforms in Britain and part of Europe. Product Detail

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