Heavy Rubber Base Barricading Tapes




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A traffic cone, typically made of bright orange PVC, is a conical marker used to indicate temporary hazards or redirect traffic. These cones are usually hollow and lightweight, making them easily portable. They often have reflective sleeves or strips to enhance visibility, especially in low-light conditions or at night. Traffic cones come in various sizes, with larger ones commonly used on highways and smaller ones for localized areas like construction sites or road repairs. Their vibrant color and recognizable shape make them a ubiquitous symbol of caution and safety on roads worldwide.

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Product Information




Heavy rubber base to withstand diverse climates

Colour Benefit

Orange colour gives enhanced brightness

Ideal for

Luminous reflective tapes for extra level of security

Other Info

Helps in flow managment at various events

About this Item

Made from virgin plastic

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Traffic Safety

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